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  Indian textile tour

Textile Design

  The Golden Thread

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  Indian Textiles rank amongst the finest in the world. Gujarat and Rajasthan being the centres in India where many excellent textiles have been produced for a very long time.

The work is primarily produced on cotton as these states are major cotton producing and cotton weaving centres.

India had the art of mordanting or fixing dye colours, brocading, inlay and printing patterned cloth centuries before Europe. Fine woven muslin was known to the Romans who likened it to "Dew on the grass" and was described as being so fine it could pass through a ring.
  Rabari Herdsmen
Rabari Herdsmen
  India is a highly structured society where patterns, colours and weaves have since time beyond been used as non-verbal statements of social relationships such as caste and significant life events, rituals and religious ceremonies.  
  Today we are privileged to see some of these ancient disappearing crafts still being practised and using the traditional methods. The textiles are used by the local communities that they serve. With these craft traditions is interwoven a strong embroidery culture inherent in the village lifestyle which still survives in Kutch.

The tour will visit and work alongside some of these master craftsmen, seeing block printing by wax and two different resist methods; tie and dye, wool and silk weaving. Mushro weaving a double layered fabric cloth for Muslims, both double and single Ikat, bead work, felt making many types of Embroidery and Applique.
  Double Ikat Weaving
Double Ikat Weaving
  This tour is especially arranged for the textile artist and designer. It is applicable for all textile artists ie. weaver, quilters, multi-discipline, fibre artists, tapestry, printed textiles, embroiderers and for both the amateur hobbyistand professional. I have taught City and Guilds over the years and for those studying a wonderful collection of textiles for reference plus methods and skills can be acquired. The focus of the Tour is on textile pattern and design while taking in the rich Indian Culture, and major monuments. Throughout the Tour, ideas can be recorded through drawing or photography, that should make a body of work for you to work with on your return. A small sketch book and simple art equipment is a good idea and I do recommend a good camera. If you are a non textile person you are very welcome. This tour is a particularly good introduction to India and is off the beaten track.   Flower Cotton Painting
Flower Cotton Painting
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