Painting and Textile Tours to India | Indian Romance
Painting and Textile Tours to India | Indian Romance
Painting and Textile Tours to India | Indian Romance  
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Indian Romance
Painting and Textile Tours to India.

  The Golden Thread


Before you read about the forthcoming Textile Tour, please click on the link to my newly published book.

The book is about the culture and textiles of Kutch and focuses on a group of village communities within Kutch. The Textile Tour concentrates on this same area and the book shares the same name as the tour "THE GOLDEN THREAD".

When you click on the link you will be able to see the first part of the book and read one of the chapters. The book is abundantly illustrated with my own art work, and personally records this unique village culture over an association of over 40 years.

Because it is a personal story telling my personal recollections with the area and the changes I have seen over many years, it is of interest to a wide group of people. Not only forthcoming travellers, previous travellers, textile and craft enthusiasts will be interested, it will be of interest to many people, recording as it does the disappearance of the unique culture of this once remote area or Kutch. It is also a very beautiful book and makes a very lovely gift.

The price for the casement (which comes in a special block printed fabric in natural dyes called Ajrakh, discussed in the book) is £30.00 and the flexible book is £18.00 Both books have a metal gold thread marker. The P&P for both books is £3.
Please click on the link - How to Purchase The Book

  Indian Romance - The Golden Thread
The Golden Thread
  Dear Traveller,

Thank you for your enquiry about my 2015 India Tours.
Each year I run a limited number of specialist tours to India, each tour with a different focus. I take only a few tours each year in order to keep up the excellent quality.

Indian Romance Motto

My first knowledge of India began when I went their in 1975 to study Textiles. I have been taking specialist Textiles and Painting tours to India since 1990 (this coming season will be my 21st year). You can therefore appreciate my indepth knowledge of the country and its people. I can count my friends in the villages and in many Royal Households throughout India.

Composing a good specialist itinerary takes considerable time as I research each and every location and I try to stay in every hotel. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; if so I can take it as a compliement that the pattern and structure of my tours has been extensively copied over the years by competitors with only a fraction of my knowledge of the country.

I am passionately fond of India and have a real love of the people. Which if you travel with me I hope you will have as well.

My itineraries are so good and as I am now the original and longest Textile tour operator my tour is constantly copied. However this year my Textile Tour has been copied word perfect . I have now sent both companys letters of complaints. To make you aware they are and
  Lorna Tresidder
Lorna Tresidder
Indian textile tour

Textile combined with Painting Tour to Gujarat & Rajasthan, it is a combination of my usual 21 day tour The Golden Thread.

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